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1. Rowing the Pacific

In 2018 I was part of an all-female crew who attempted to row 2,400 miles across the Pacific Ocean. 

Our goal was simple: to raise awareness of plastic pollution.

We rowed 150 miles, spent 6 days on the boat and toughed out a storm before our skipper fell ill and we were forced to quit. 

2. fire in my heart

I returned to the UK with a fire in my heart to do something that made a difference.


I went from being surrounded by nothing but ocean to being surrounded by shelves upon shelves of plastic and knew that I wanted to make plastic-free skincare available to all. That’s when I started Eco Skincare.

3. plastic free skincare available to all

I spent months trying different brands, researching their eco credentials and building a collection of skincare that is plastic-free and works.

In 2020 I started making my own skincare in our Sussex kitchen; I first experimented with soap then expanded to our current range of more than 150+ plastic free eco skincare products. 

"Thank you for joining me and the growing number of people who are making a real difference real difference real difference to our planet"

Emma Rogers, Founder


Protecting our planet is at the heart of what we do. 

That’s why we have:

  • Signed up to the SME Climate Hub; a pledge endorsed by the United Nations.
  • Committed to Net Zero by 2030 (though we’re on track to get there much sooner!).
  • Pledged to reduce our carbon emissions by 2030 because offsetting isn’t enough.
  • Log all of our waste and take steps to actively reduce it including plastic, carbon, water and other.

We only stock products which are made in the UK and our own-brand products are handmade by Emma in our Sussex kitchen – to keep things as local as possible and reduce carbon emissions from transport.

That doesn’t mean we compromise on quality either. Affordable, effective skincare which smells amazing and with no unnecessary plastic.